Shirley McCullough

Heartfelt thanks for the peaceful and thoughtful hospitality (including the exquisite food) extended to us at this beautiful island sanctuary. With exceptional music, contemplations and meditation in this close and undisturbed contact with the elements, integration of the elements within and without deepened into an inner stillness and inner knowing of the simplicity of being. A retreat not to be missed, in a pristine environment.

Ron McCullough

A wonderful restful weekend on this interesting and peaceful island. The group sessions opened up for me a new appreciation of music and the environment. I came away from the weekend with a better understanding of the inter-relationship of all things. An added bonus was the delicious food.

Mandy, Psychologist

My partner and I participated in the inaugural retreat on Elizabeth Island entitled Music and the Elements facilitated by Erik and Ulla Sandersen. I have participated in many of Erik and Ulla's workshops over the years but this was the first in such a unique location. As I have found many times, the constellation of the group members proved to be a perfect counterbalance of energies and concerns that had such a lovely synchronicity about it, and we very soon felt at home with one another despite having never met before.

Erik led the exercises and processing of individual work with the skill, depth and sensitivity that I have come to know and respect as his hallmark style. But the location and the elements it afforded in such a pristine form afforded a richness and depth to the work that I have not experienced before, and Erik was astute in how he brought the surrounding nature to the heart of the work we did. There was an unmistakably profound feeling in the work we each did over this weekend and in the resonance within the group, that will no doubt echo on the island and in each of us for some time to come. Erik gave of himself and we were not constrained by the clock in ways we might be had we each have to leave to go home each evening and we worked late into the night both evenings.

Anne took great care of the practical side as our hostess, providing very comfortable accommodation and plentiful, delicious and nutritious food, catering for those of us with food intolerances patiently and attentively.

The bedrooms were beautiful each with a view of surrounding Westernport bay and its better known islands, and we had plenty of time during outside exercises to explore the island. Some improvisation was needed in the use of spaces until a bigger workshop space is available in the future, but this was perfectly adequate for a very successful workshop. I will certainly be keen to follow-up with another workshop on the island.