Bird Watching...

There are many species of waterbirds that make their home in the environs of Elizabeth Island. They can be seen feeding off the mudflats at low tide, wandering around the shoreline, or flying overhead.

White bellied sea eagles nest on Elizabeth Bluff, right opposite on French Island, and may sometimes be seen visiting Elizabeth Island. Black swans swim and feed around the island, especially towards low tide. There are innumerable birds to be seen, a treat for birdwatchers.

Elizabeth Island sits inside a Ramsar Site (Ramsar is an international treaty for the protection of wetlands birds - see Ramsar - wetlands international site number 5AU019).



The waters off Elizabeth Island are renowned for good fishing. The photo shows a 15.5kg mullaway measuring 1.15m that was caught in December 2006 near Elizabeth Island, off French Island, by a guest staying at Elizabeth Island.



The deep channel off the southern part of the island attracts whiting, snapper and many other fish species. The tidal flows bring fish close to the jetty, enabling catches of gummy and elephant shark, plus many other species, to be fetched off the jetty. Staying so close to the water, you can choose to fish as the good weather presents.


There are several walking tracks on the island (bring good walking shoes, and strong ankles!). You can choose to walk around the interesting and changing shoreline, or stroll around the grassy tracks on higher ground.

View a full rainbow against a grey sky following quelled stormy seas, or a calm orange blue sunset. Take in the high tide sights, so different to the low tide sites which reveal birds feeding off mudflats where just hours before was a large calm lake. Try clockwise, anti-clockwise, low road, high road.

The ever changing weather, time and tides bring variety to the scenic outlooks. The sun setting on the cliff face opposite or sparkling on the water or mudflats, the glassy seas or windy stormy seas, all provide mood and interest anywhere on the island.


Sea kayaking, sailing and motorized boating are all popular pursuits in Westernport Bay. Elizabeth Island provides direct access to Westernport Bay from the jetty, subject to tidal depth variations, or directly from the shore.


Swim off the jetty at high tide, or off the sandy northern point. Be sure to observe the tides, as the 3 metre tidal variations can lead to strong currents.

The surrounding area...

From Elizabeth Island visitors can also tour the surrounding area. Places to visit include:


  • Phillip Island
  • French Island
  • Westernport Bay
  • Bass Strait
  • The Mornington Peninsula
  • The Bass Coast

Consult the Victorian Government Tourism website for more information.

sea eagle




view from jetty

view of French Island